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Right now I want to thank everybody who has been tweeting and posted about my new show Ellen's Game of Games.
现在 我想感谢大家帮我转发新节目艾伦的游戏之王
I'm so glad you're liking it as much as I do. It is so much fun to do. And it's fun to watch.
特别高兴大家跟我一样喜欢它 这游戏玩起来超有趣 看起来也很有趣
But I realized, why shouldn't someone in this audience get a chance to win $100,000?
但我觉得 为何不让今天观众中的某个人有机会赢得10万美元呢?
So it's time for day three of my Game of Game's tournament.
And I couldn't do this without my friends at Shutterfly,
who always make it rain on my show with big money for deserving people.
他们经常在我的节目上让钱如雨下 都是些善有善报的人
221.pngSo in honor of Shutterfly, let's play, Make It Rain.
所以以Shutterfly之名 我们来玩“钱如雨下”吧
All right, where are Kayla Reynolds and Nicole Elias?
好 凯拉·雷诺兹和尼科尔·伊莱亚斯在哪里?
Hi, how are you? Hi. I love you so much. Oh, well, thank you very much. OK.
嗨 你好吗?嗨 超爱你的 哦 非常感谢 好
Are you-- sure, you can be there. All right, so, have you ever seen this game?
额 你想站那儿也行 好 你们以前看过这个游戏吗?
You know how it works? Unfortunately, you do know how it works. All right.
知道怎么玩?真不巧 你们还真知道怎么玩 好
Well, under one of those umbrellas is golden confetti.
好 其中有一把伞下面是金纸屑
Under all the other umbrellas is a whole lot of water. And you're going to stand over there.
其他伞下面都是很多水 你们要过去站在那儿
I'll ask you a question. Soon as you know the answer, you'll go over and you'll pull one of those umbrellas.
我来问你们问题 只要你们知道答案 就可以去拉一把伞
Hopefully, you'll get the confetti. If not you'll get wet.
祝你们抽到纸屑 否则就得被浇湿了
All right, go over there and today's questions are all about the New Year.
好 过去吧 今天的问题都和新年有关
My birthday is in three weeks from Friday. What month is my birthday in?
我的生日是周五过后再过三周 我是几月的生日
January. That's right. All right, sit it back down. Choose an umbrella.
1月 对了 好 把它放回去 选一把伞
Be right under it, centered. Pull? Yeah.
站到正下方 拉吗?对
OK. All right. Yep, that was not one. OK. Here we go. Hands behind your back.
好 好 嗯 这个不对 好 继续了啊 手放到背后
Ooh, it's cold. Yeah. But you're playing to possibly $100,000. So it's OK.
喔 好冷 没错 不过你可有可能赢得10万美元哦 值了
April showers bring May flowers. What's something you might bring to a dinner party?
四月的雨浇灌五月的花 你去参加一场晚宴可能会买什么东西?
Tofurky. Sure. OK. All right, pick an umbrella. Oh, no. Oh, my god. Yeah, it's good news and bad news.
素火鸡 当然 好 好 选把伞 哦 不 哦 天啊 没错 又好又坏啊
OK. Go? Yeah. Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Yeah. You're all right. Yep. Here we go.
好 拉吗?对 喔 喔 喔 喔 嗯 好 继续了啊
Hands behind your back. Prince Harry will have his royal wedding this May.
手放到背后 哈里王子将在五月举行王室婚礼
What's the best hand you can have in poker? A flush. A flush.
扑克牌中最好的一手牌是什么?顺子 顺子
Can you be more specific? A royal flush. All right. I have to give her that. OK. Pick an umbrella.
能说具体点吗?同花顺 好 我得算她对 好 选把伞
It's refreshing. Refreshing, right? All right, here we go. Put that in the center to be fair.
很清爽啊 很清爽是吧 好 继续 公平起见 把瓶子放到正中间
All right. June is not only a terrific month, but it's also the first name of the terrific actress, June Squibb.
好 六月不光是超棒的月份 它(June)还是超棒的女演员琼·斯奎布的名
But what actress played Rachel in the show Friends? Jennifer Aniston.
Yeah. Yes. OK, I'm just going to go from this one. OK. Don't look so despondent. Ah!
嗯 对 好 我选这个吧 好 别这么沮丧啊 啊!
All right. Here we go. Hands behind your backs. September is known as back to school month.
好 继续 手放到背后 九月是开学月
A lower back tattoo is known as what? Trashy? I know what it is.
It's a tramp stamp. All right, yep. She did it. OK, pull again. You pulled that one.
叫腰背部的纹身 好 对 她答对了 好 再选一个 那个你拉过了
I pulled all the low ones? OK. All right. I'm just going to do this one. OK, all right.
矮的都拉过了?好 好 那我选这个吧 好 好
All right. Stay there. Stay there. You're coming back.
好 站在那儿 站在那儿 你还要回来接着玩
You're not going home empty handed. You're going to get a 55 inch TCL Roku TV.
你也不会空手而归 你将获得一台55英寸的TCL罗库电视
重点单词   查看全部解释    
tournament ['tuənəmənt]
n. 比赛,锦标赛,(中世纪的)骑士比武
stamp [stæmp]
n. 邮票,图章,印,跺脚
v. 跺脚,盖章
flush [flʌʃ]
v. 奔流,发红,冲洗,迅速流过
n. 脸红,
specific [spi'sifik]
adj. 特殊的,明确的,具有特效的
n. 特


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